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Mama's advice + a little challenge to you

Mama's advice + a little challenge to you

My mama has always been a wealth of knowledge. not only to me but to anyone who has the opportunity to get to know her. She is the most selfless and loyal person you will ever meet. She seems to always have the answer to every problem I face and she always gives the best advice. One of my favorite pieces of advice that she has give me came when I was around 14. She said, "Never hold back a compliment, ever. You never know how it could make that persons day."

From that point on, I have made a conscious effort to always speak my mind when it comes to positive thoughts about others. holding nothing back has not only helped make a ton of peoples days but it has forced me to have conversations with strangers, forced me to be outgoing and in turn building my own confidence. There are a few things I have noticed in my years of doing this. 

1. People tend to not make eye contact in public places so you will notice that you have to go out of your way to do it.

2. People will shut down compliments 90% of the time. you can reassure them but really the only thing you can do is work on yourself and make sure that you don't do this as well. Take the compliment!!

3. People will think you are strange at first. Actually this doesn't really change, because you are weird, it's not normal for people to go out of their way to compliment a stranger. You just get used to it. And you really don't care because you know how amazing it can make people feel and how much it helps YOU to grow as well. 

So here's my challenge to you...  Don't hold back your complimentary thoughts. 

See a mama struggling with her babies in the store and she doesn't lose her temper when her toddler loses his crap? "you are so beautiful with how you handle your babies"

Notice a beautiful scarf on a grandma? Tell her! See a teen girl who has the cutest braid? Tell her and ask her how she does it! 

We are so quick to compliment on social media. Bring it to life and find the good in people. Be quick to find the beautiful things and slow to find the bad.

I'm telling you it will make their day and you day 100x better. Will you accept my challenge? Let's teach our babies too.. for world peace! :)

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