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Weekend Getaway - Arches

**Disclaimer: These images are me capturing our best moments of the trip. I am a momtographer just trying to capture my favorite moments in the best light possible because I enjoy photography, I love editing and I cherish the images I capture. They in no way reflect the entirety of the trip. They are missing tantrums over car seat buckles, us yelling at the kids to stop screaming in the car, arguments between me and Dane over directions, yelling at kids to get off dangerously high rocks "but I can jump from here mom!!", me begging rosie to just smile for one photo, and mostly my crabby self over not being able to have sweets... still. Just thought I'd give you that little disclaimer before you think our life is void of normal people stuff based off a few images.

We had this weekend planned for about three months and as the week approached, it was getting more and more inconvenient to make it happen. I was finalizing the Nurture Your Light event, Dane was working longer hours, our friends that we planned on going with sadly couldn’t make it anymore. All signs pointed to canceling the trip and trying again another time. But for some reason we just kept pushing for it. I am so glad we stuck with it and got away. We rented a travel trailer through RVSHARE.COM (it’s like Airbnb but for trailers and RV’s) and finalized it the night before we were to leave, the night of my event. I was so busy with the event that NOTHING got prepared until the day we left. The morning after the event I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief, I didn’t have to stress about ANYTHING. I gleefully packed our bags and ran last minute errands while Dane went to pick up the trailer. Dane pulled up with the trailer around 10:30, we loaded and quickly got on the road. **A little more about this trailer, I have linked you to the exact one we rented, Bruce is AMAZING. He fills everything up for you, it is so clean and he has games, treats, tools and anything you might need to make your trip a success. It has a fully functioning shower, toilet and he takes care of the disposal for you. He stocks the shower with toiletries and towels. All you have to bring is your food and any extra things that you may need like hiking packs for kids, or things specific to what you are cooking. But everything I may have needed (can opener, strainer, spatulas, dutch oven, etc, he had!   

We we took our time on the drive, stopped off wherever looked interesting, lots of pee breaks for Monty and diaper changes for Rosie and just going a little slower since this was our first time with a trailer this size. We learned our lesson a year ago that the iPad turns our kids into CRAZY people so I preemptively bought this little DVD player for our summer travels and things went MUCH better. No addiction tantrums when we turned it off, no fighting over it. It was amazing. They played with a few other toys but mostly we talked (we played kids would you rather, kids trivia questions 1, 2  and asked a lot of get to know you questions) and looked out the window. It was only a 4 hour drive and we were the only ones they would be annoying if they got stir crazy so we didn’t need to prepare too much. 

We arrived to to our campsite and while the kids played in the sand and climbing all of rocks we got the trailer settled in just before it got too dark. The kids were able to play on some large boulders and roll around in the sand for quite a while. It was a pretty secluded little spot in the Devil's Garden Campsite and I loved that they could basically roam free... for the most part. We cooked up some hot dogs over the fire that tasted pretty funky so we retreated into the trailer and cooked up some buttered noodles and put the kids down with out too much argument on their part. They were tired from the drive and the little hiking and playing they did. 

After they were down Dane and I tried to sit out by the fire but the wind was freezing and we were way too tired. So we headed in the trailer, popped in a movie and conked out in less than 30 minutes. We hadn’t quite figured out the heating system in our trailer so Dane was up a lot to try to get the heat working, I slept through most of it because that’s how I do. 

Day two coming soon! 

25 Day Walk With Christ

25 Day Walk With Christ