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My Favorite Podcasts For You and Your Spouse

This post contains affiliate links for the first time ever! Just thought I'd try it out! I'm SUPER professional!

Over the last few months (I started in April) I have grown to love the education and motivation I get from listening to podcasts. It all started when I took a road trip to St George alone BY MYSELF. It was four peaceful hours there and four peaceful hours back with nothing to do but listen to music. Now I am a music junkie, but I had the genius thought before I left to subscribe to a few podcasts that caught my attention, just to see what all the fuss was about. I listened to music for 20 minutes until I got bored and thought, "Meh! I'll give a podcast a try." 

I have always loved to be around people, I am always the last to leave a party, I always keep guests hostage at my house for too long telling random stories that have nothing to do with why they are there, and I would way rather face time or call you rather than text. I love the feeling I get from connecting with people in person. So as soon as I started I knew I would be addicted. There were a few stand out and a few that I quickly realized were not for me simply out of either content or the guess didn't connect with me but now months later and a full blown addition to podcasts I figured I would share my favorites with you! 

Also many of you have asked how I listen to my podcasts. I am including this link for you to read in depth the different ways that you can listen either on iPhone, android, or on your computer. 

So I did it. I compiled all of these for YOU to find and listen to and I know you will love them. You can click on the photo or the title below to be taken to their site! If you listen to any episodes and love them send them over to me! I'd love to talk to you about the things you are learning from these!

I usually turn the podcast one when I'm cleaning the house and listen on the Block Rocker (the greatest gift I have ever given Dane.. that I use.. daily. Sorry Dane!) But since I can't always rock out to my podcasts, I also I have included a link to my favorite headphones that Dane got ME, I use the Senso Bluetooth Headphones, I love them because they are wireless and they make it easy to get things done and listen at the same time! 

Parenting Great Kids - I think this is hands down one of my favorite podcasts. EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. inspires me to be a better parents and gives me the tools to do so. I feel so motivated by Dr Meeker and I love the tips she gives to help make you a better parent.

Bold New Mom - I love every single episode and I love how Jody interacts with her guest. I leave motivated and rejuvenated every time I listen in.

Happier - Gretchen and her sister Liz discuss how to be Happier in life and they have a great way of making you feel welcome in their conversations and I look forward to every episode. 

Magic Lessons - Elizabeth offers advice and wisdom to artists who are stuck in a rut or need help moving forward in their life. There are so many beautiful episodes and I always end up learning from each individual session and they help me in ways I didn't see coming.

Awesome With Alison - Ready to feel awesome and get motivated and belly laugh in an instant? This is the podcast for you! Allison has a way of getting you excited about life and ready to tackle it every day.

Marvelous Mom’s Club - Kirsten is one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to be friends with. Her goal in this podcast is to feature women of all different backgrounds and she finds their unique story and pulls from it what makes them a marvelous mom. You leave feeling better about yourself and armored with new tools to be a better human inspired by her guests. She is as good as it gets people.

Munchin’ With Moguls - Alexa has so many inspiring guests on her show and she gets to the nitty gritty and the behind the scenes of what makes these women the incredible women they are.

Oprahs Super Soul conversations – I went into this one so hesitantly, I don’t know why but I did not expect to love this as much as I do. Discussing life's biggest questions with some big named celebrities and some lesser known but she connects with them on a whole new level that allows you to feel so involved in the conversations yourself. I have loved every episode so far.  

The Practical Minimalists - I have been feeling the need to get rid of the fluff in my life and this podcast has helped me get started! It came recommended to me by friends it really is the best place to get started when you are ready to get rid of the things you don't need and to feel more connected to the things you have.

The Productive Woman - Ready to get moving and get organized? Working from home has KICKED my butt I never thought it would be so hard to work from home and make a household run. This podcast has helped me find order and be more productive with my day.

Vibrant Happy Women - Dr. Jen Riday's episodes give such life to my days! I love the way she interviews her guest and helping you find your way to becoming your happiest self.

The School Of Greatness – I am only a few episodes in here but I wanted to include it because it’s well on its way to being a favorite podcast. Lewis Howes discusses with incredible people what makes them great and he puts so much passion in to every conversation. 

The Dave Ramsey Show - This podcast is his radio show in searchable form! Makes it easy to find what you need! We have been doing Dave Ramsey style budgeting for years now and we LOVE his methods.

Order Of Man - Guys, this is the one for you! And ladies this podcast is for the man in your life. Ryan is discussing how to become a better man and he REALLY is bringing men together and connecting them in a bigger way than just the surface level topics.

The Way I Heard It - I could listen to Mike Rowe tell stories ALL DAY LONG. The way he tells these short stories make me feel like he's sitting across the table from me and chatting straight to me. I find myself nodding my head in amazement  and agreement and then researching these mini history mysteries to learn more. 

The Art Of Manliness - This is such a fun and intriguing podcast for the men in your life and honestly.. there are a few that I've listened in to and even I can connect with and learn from!

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - While I can't personally vouch for this one (I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet) This one is one of my husbands FAVORITES. He is always telling me about a new episode and the cool details he is learning about different parts of history. So This get s thumbs up for your history buffs! 

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