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25 Day Walk With Christ

25 Day Walk With Christ

One thing I have always admired about my mother is her faith in Christ and her testimony of His love for her. People have always commented to me about how my mom's faith helped them in their own testimony shaking experiences and I always have agreed. She is not only my and my family's rock, but so many other peoples' support I can't even begin to count. 

6 years ago when my mom and dad ventured on a new business adventure, I don't think anyone could have foreseen the amount of trials that would be headed their way. Financial trials, one after another and seeming to have no end in sight, yet somehow her faith remained steadfast. She kept saying to me, "at least we have our health", always looking for the bright side in the hardest times. Or so we thought, three years into the struggling business a health scare hit our family and rocked us all.  

Year after year her faith stayed strong but I could see she was getting weary. When the trial seemed to be never ending she FINALLY questioned her faith. This week she shared a bit into her story and I asked if I could share some of it here with you and she agreed. 

"I have always been blessed with and worked for unwavering faith but when you get weary and worn out, you become weak and are more susceptible to the adversary and his lies. After a while you start to believe those lies. Things like "Heavenly Father doesn't care about you. You are abandoned.  You are forgotten. Everyone else is more important than you which is why their trials are only lasting a little bit." As much as I tried to not listen to these lies, about a year and a half ago I finally started to believe them and really wondered where God was. Why had he left me alone and forgotten and abandoned. This thinking scared me. Because I knew better. I knew none of this was true but the feelings were there and were very scary.  So rather than get bitter and angry at God, I decided that I needed to work to gain my testimony and strengthen my relationship with Christ. I knew that I needed to know Him better. I knew that my desire to know Him and understand His character would be what I needed to get rid of these horrible thoughts. So I decided to go to the four Gospels. Four men that knew Him best.  I didn't just read these scriptures. I studied hard. I wanted to know as much about the authors of these books as well as Christ himself. I also read "A Light in the Wilderness". By doing these things, I learned that Christ NEVER abandons us. Ever. His character is such that he loves us so deeply and hates to see us sad or feeling lonely. Because I know Him - truly know Him - I will never doubt again. Those awful lies that Satan used to put into my head will never have a chance again with me because I have gained an truly unwavering testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ."

So around 10 years ago she put on this, event for her church and women that we able to attend still say that it was "life changing" and that it "brought them closer to Christ than they had ever felt before". So this year, ten years later, she created this extended, updated version, 25 Day Walk With Christ and is using it this month in her ward to help everyone grow closer to Christ before the holiday season. But the great thing about uploading it here is you can can start anytime you need it. Once I looked through it I knew it needed to be shared.

I know my mother's relationship with Christ is REAL. I admire it and I aspire to have my own relationship with Christ that is just as deep and real and I think this is the perfect tool to help me get closer and maybe you too?


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