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15 Must-Have Books For Babies First Year

15 Must-Have Books For Babies First Year

Story time has been one of our favorites times of the day. Every day after baths and teeth brushing (although let me be honest, baths don't happen near as much as they used to when it was only one child) we snuggle in our green chair or "the big bed" to read our favorite books. My husband read way too many books before bed and get way too into it but it is so fun to watch our kids just drink it in and want more and more! 

I have selected our top 15 books that we have loved for our babies first year. We have a 2 year old boy who still wants most of these read to him and now we have a 8 month old girl that loves them too. So they are perfect books for girls or boys. 


Row One - Tickle timeThank you BearWhere's Spot

Row Two - Hello BabyFirst WordsPeek-a-Who

Row Three - My Big Animal Book, Dear Zoo, Doggies

Row Four - Moo Ba LaLaLaAnimals, Toot

Row Five - Mr Brown Can Moo, I Love you through and through, My Heart Is Like Like a Zoo

I think I surprised myself with what a nut I am during story time with the kids. I like to make story time really interactive and fun and then finish up with a calm story and singing. There are a few things that we do during story time I think have really helped my boy with his vocabulary.

Take your time

This is not always easy to do! (especially when alone time is screaming my name) But we have found that this is their time to sit still and relax, we have our boy pick out three books, Two books to to interact with and then one book to lay down and have us read to him. 

Point out the details

Talk about the entire page, I point to the words as I read them and then we talk about all the little details on the page. We name all the items (lamp, cat, car, street sign), point out emotions "he is so sad, she is happy, he is frustrated", 

Take on a new voice for new characters

In one of our favorite books a cricket come into the book half way through, the cricket has a voice entirely his own. When monsters come into the scene we talk like monsters and same goes for different animals and people. 

Act it out

In another favorite book there is knocking on doors, laughing, whispering and yelling. There is stomping and clapping and crying. We go through all the actions, we knock on the wall, yell "HEY DRAGON" and clap,cry stomp and laugh. 

Allow time for them to finish the sentence

A lot of our books tend to rhyme, we read them over and over again so after a while Monty is able to finish the sentence, "the sheep says", ..."Baa"

Make up your own stories

It did surprise me but starting out I was terrible at this. My stories would sound something like, "Once upon a time there was a cat and he liked food, aaaaand he liked toys..... and his owner gave him food, and he was happy. the end" Not joking. After two years of practice, and learning from a toddler, my stories have improved greatly and I try to apply all of these things to my story telling. 

We love our story time and I hope that my little man will remember the times we spent gigglling and cuddling telling stories, and if not, I know that he will at least remember the feeling he had when we took the time to do it. 

What do you do during story time? Any tips we should add?

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