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Music You Need Now

Music You Need Now

One of my favorite things is to share music I love with people. Actually, sharing music I love with people and people actually digging it. It's not fun when you are like, "oh my goodness, this is my new favorite song!!!" And people are like... "mhmm. That's nice."  

So I figure I will share my new favorite tunes with you as often as I have them! You an also follow along with my playlist on Spotify and see when I add new songs.  

So here are this weeks favorites!

You & Me - Marc E Bassy

Why it's a hit -  as soon as I heard the song I recognize the voice immediately. This was the voice of the lead singer of 2 am club, a band that I loved in my college years but they faded out. He's back and his voice is as smooth as ever. ALL the heart eyes. 

iTwerk - 99 Percent  

Why it's a hit - I just really love a good squat song and all of his are amazing workout songs. 

 Let's stay home tonight - NEEDTOBREATHE

Why it's a hit - Grab your husband, your boyfriend or your best pal and slow dance to this one. It's on replay over here. 

 Handclap - Fitz and the Tantrums

Why it's a  it a hit - First, let me ask you this, have you listened to it? Second, that's all you need. 

 Fresh Eyes - Andy Grammer

Why it's a hit - This song is SO catchy and dancey and all sorts of wonderful. 

 Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) - Cheat Codes

Why it's a hit  - I love a good remake. This song was a hit then and it's just as good (probably better) now. 

Unsteady - X Ambassadors  

Why it's a hit - This is the song you will sing full blast in the shower, in the car, and everywhere. I just have to make sure no one  but my kids hear me... Because as much as I believe I can sing well... It. Is. False. 

Nothing Without Love - Nate Ruess

Why it's a hit - This song is older but he sings with such passion and his big ol' mouth. I can't help but sing it with all my heart. 

Fireproof - Coleman Hell

Why it's a hit - The ultimate dancy beat to jump around the room and shake your hair to. Good luck turning this one off. 

Love Me - The 1975

Why it's a hit - This song makes me channel my inner eland dance moves. I dance like a bafoo to this song. 

Have fun dancing my friends!! 

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