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Save the Day : Mama Edition

Save the Day : Mama Edition


If we're being blunt here, which you can pretty much guarantee I always will be, some days are just unfortunately crappy. Some days just kick you in the gut and you lay down and you're like... "ok... go ahead kick me again, I'm too tired to get up." And sometimes.... those "days" kicking you in the gut are your kids actually kicking you. No? Just mine? 

Some days I can handle my kids like a true champion, and we all get along most of the day, and go to bed with no fights, but sometimes it is a battle to even agree on which sippy cup is best for Monty to use. Some days Rosie has a completely different agenda from what I need it to be and I get crabby pants. Some days I work too much and feel like I didn't spend any quality time with the babies. So a short fuse, a lost temper or just sky rocketing mom guilt leave me feeling desperate to save the night, and not able to let my babies go to bed without feeling like I'm 100% there. So I have a few things that I pull out when I am needing to "save the day" and fix any hurt feelings or just blah day feelings that might be looming in our house. 

1. Bubbles in the bath - I am telling you... bubbles + babies is magical. Bring in a bubble blowing wand to make it extra special! Seeing Monty in awe every single time a bubble is blown is the cutest thing ever.

2. Shadow Puppets - We will tell stories and insert the shadow puppets we know or just look them up and then make Monty guess what they are! I just did a quick pinterest search for you. 

3. Dance parties fix everything. No matter the mood in our house it can typically be fixed by simply turning up our block rocker and dancing the bad moods away. The best part of doing it in your house is no one know if you can dance and your babies wont judge you! 

4. Back tickles/massages -  I remember very specifically, when I was in a bad mood my mom would lay me down.across her lap and she would tickle my back, massage my feet or lotion massage my hand. It would calm me down quickly but also was quality time that would get me to open me up and I would soon start to ramble about everything going on in my life. smart mama, she knew what she was doing.

5. Building a fort - fort building in your front room can provide a sweet oasis away from the everyday hustle. Ok, oasis might be a bit of a stretch but it does give a little hideaway. For now we are just using the couch cushions and pillow and making it work but we are going to get the Discovery Kids Fort Set for the next " holiday" to make all our fort oasis dreams a reality.

6. DIY night at the movies - Pick out a favorite movie, write up pretend tickets, pop your own popcorn or get a small treat and make it a special movie night at home! I found the cutest Disney movie printable tickets here.

7. Ice cream with sprinkles - will quite literally make 90% of the humans on this earth happy.... but it will make 100% of children happy 100% of the time.

What are your go-to saves when you have had an off day with your babies?

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