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Toddler Toys $30 and Under

Toddler Toys $30 and Under

Next week is Monty's 2nd birthday! It's so mind blowing how fast the last two years have gone yet at same time I feel like he's been here all along! However, I'm certain I used to be able to go to the bathroom with out tiny little fingers coming under the door.... but I love it.

We have been watching our budget closely lately so I decided for Monty's birthday we are just going to get him a cardboard box. Joking... but seriously, he probably would be just as stoked about that as if we got him a new toy.

Regardless, in honor of his 2nd birthday, I put together a budget friendly toddler gift guide. Some toys we already have and we know they are hits with my almost two year old and a few toys that are on our "to get" list in the near future. 

1. Melissa and Doug Sticker book: Listen people, normally I'm like, "no way", to stickers. Too much risk for a mess but these are amazing reusable stickers. Monty has squished them up in his hand and thrown it in a dusty corner and I am able to easily flatten it out for him to use it again. 

2. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks: You read that right, Magnetic Blocks. I love these and Monty will literally play on his own with these for 15 minutes straight making planes, tractors and cars and that is saying something people. All I need is 15 minutes to paint my toes :)

3. KidKraft Play Food Set: I really can't tell you if this was more for me or for Monty but I will say we play with this every single day. 

4. Foam Magnet Letters: This kid is learning like crazy lately (have you heard of the App Endless Alphabet, it's making him a baby genius.) So we are trying to find ways to have the alphabet all around the house. I found these foam fridge magnets and these are now on our "to-get" list.

5. Fisher Price Bubble Mower: You see... Monty had a lawn mower and he loved it. I got it for $1 at a yard sale and it worked perfectly! But then I ran over it, mom fail. So this Bubble mower is perfect for a replacement. Monty loves anything that involves following his dad's every move.

6. Little Cottonwood Branch Car: Something about this little wood car keeps Monty's attention for so long. this is the perfect little toy for church!  

7. GoSports Pop Up Soccer Goal: Ok this is a couple dollars over 30 but anything that will get loads of energy out of my boy has my stamp of approval. We need this so bad.I just picture him running back and forth and back and forth non stop until he begs me to go take a nap... dreaming big here.

8. Peglets - Star Wars: These little Peglets are about the cutest things ever. The detail Kara puts into them is amazing! Monty has Buzz, Woody and the little green alien from Toy Story and he is obsessed. Where ever we go he has them in his hands and Buzz is constantly telling Woody, "gimme you hand!" These Star wars Peglets are next on our list. They are too adorable. 

So what did I miss? What are your favorite toddler toys?

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