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The Baby Cubby Experience

The Baby Cubby Experience

As a new mom of two, an almost two year old and a 2 month old, leaving the house is literally one of the the most anxiety inducing things I can think of doing. For months I have followed The Baby Cubby on social media and passed them on the freeway to and from Orem and been dying to go inside and see what they are all about.

One day I got a wild hair and decided to go in and see what all the fuss was about. On our way there both kids LOST it and I literally sat in the car for five minutes in their parking lot and debated just leaving. I thought there is no way I can go in a fancy boutique and bring both of these crazies. But I had already made it so far, nothing was going to stop me. 

I got both kids wrangled, Monty in the stroller and Rosie wrapped on me since I only had a single stroller and I journeyed into the store. Immediately I was in BABY GEAR HEAVEN. this was no fancy baby boutique. This place is so down to earth and mom (and baby) friendly. I was greeted quickly by the cutest staff who immediately showed Monty to all the fun toys they had for him to play with. They even turned on a show for him to watch while I shop. WHAT?? I told you... Heaven.

While Monty played I looked around the gorgeous store and quickly realized this was not going to be a quick trip. I also could tell immediately that The Baby Cubby is different. Let me tell you why. 

Their staff is is different. They care about the products and they are trained on ALL of their brands and products. I literally tested this. I asked several of their staff members different questions about many of their products they carry and they know the details about each product. Not only the details but why this is better over that and why this might be better for me over that. They know the history behind the companies and they care about the products they are offering their customers. They have a CPS certified staff member who can check your car seats while you are there to make sure they are installed correctly.

Their layout is different. One of the first things I noticed was the roominess of their store. They obviously thought about strollers. Why this made me beam from ear to ear I can't say, but seriously... how thoughtful. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to go in a baby store and not be able to navigate a stroller through the aisles. 

 Their mindset is different. Several times while Katie was explaining how things work or giving demonstrations I had to interrupt her with, "Monty don't climb that!" and not once was she bothered that she had to start over and re-explain. She gets it because she is a mom. Midway through my experience Rosie started to get hungry and I immediately thought, "I better wrap this up." Katie picked up on it and said, "You can take a seat over in our gliders that we have set up for moms to nurse in. Do you need a nursing pillow?"

Seriously? Tell me when you got that kind of service from a big box baby store. 

Lastly, their owners are different. Cameron and Jacquelyn have created this storefront with moms (and dads) in mind. They want parents to be able to come in and feel comfortable, excited and leave feeling informed. They do the research on the best products then bring them all into one place so that you can do less time researching and more time doing important things, like setting up the nursery. :) They CARE. They care so much and want you to be able to shop with them that they price match their competitors (even amazon). If I haven't given you enough reasons so love them already read more about them here.


After my first visit I knew that The Baby Cubby was where I would be buying a stroller. I used their Stroller Buying Guide to narrow it down then I went in to learn more about each of them and test them on their stroller track. I ended up deciding on the City Select. A stroller is a big purchase and if you choose correctly it will be with through all of your kids. While I was wrangling both kids out to the car on to our next adventure, the amazing employees put the stroller together for me and taught me how everything works. 

When I find a company that I can get behind and I truly love, I go full blown advocate. I love to support small businesses and I hope you guys stop in there and see how great this place really is.

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