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Tips for Flying with a One Year Old

Tips for Flying with a One Year Old

We just went on our annual trip to Florida and honestly we were pumped for EVERY part of it except for the flight. Monty is WILD and he only really hates one thing, being help in one spot. At 14 months he is strong willed and he has a serious issue with volume control.

We went the route of a "Bag of Tricks" and it worked great for us. That's not to say there weren't outbursts and a few screams let out but for the most part it worked great. Now don't get me wrong... a good baby on the plane does not equal you reading a book and coming out feeling like a million bucks. Dane and I came off the plane looking like a freaking hot mess. Sweaty, stinky, hair completely destroyed and clothes so out of place... but people told us later that our baby was good and really that's all that matter right?


 Keep in mind most activities lasted at the MOST 10 - 15 minutes.So here are the winners and the flops!


Sophie - Monty LOVES Sophie. we pretty much don't leave without her.

Favorite book - We had two books with us- we didn't want to weight down the bag but once the boy got a little more sleepy these were crucial. We might have read each of them ten times. See our favorite books here

Crayons and a coloring book - We didn't bring this along but a random lady on the flight had one and she passed it to us and it ended up being a lifesaver!

Feathers - Total hit. he loved playing with these. We would tickle him and then he loved tickling us back.

Fake phone - not really even kind of a phone but it totally worked. we would just make fake calls through out the trip.

Tape measure was super fun. It's a retractable one so it had an element of surprise.

Car - he just learned how cars move. once tray tables were down it was a go. bought us 10-15 minutes!

Kids meal toy and dollar store toys - I brought these along because Monty loves to throw things and I didn't feel bad about losing ANY of these.

Slinky - also a dollar store purchase. but this one brought at least 10 minutes of entertainment.

Ribbon - pretty dang simple, just grabbed one end and let it roll. Total hit!

Pinwheel - this was entertainment at it's finest! Loved it.

Teething toys - while these weren't a huge hit they were still necessary because of his molars coming in.

Foam stacking shapes - These are amazing, go get them now from target. These bought us 20 minutes or more. Stacking on the tray and pulling out of the bag and putting back in. 

Owl Hand puppet - This was the winner of the flight! we also had a squishy soccer ball and we had the owl hand the ball back and forth between Monty Dane and I. We also got to work on his please and thank yous! 


Play sharks - We were headed to the beach so we thought it would be fitting. not to mention it was Shark Week! These entertained for a few minutes but not as long as I had hoped.

Play doh - I wanted this to be a hit and it just wasn't. He liked it for literally 2 seconds then was bored.

Pipe cleaners - Blah - he couldn't have cared less about these. Just wanted to eat them. NAST.


One of my favorite ideas was getting a pencil case and putting snacks in it. it kept things clean.

Snacks that were hits for us:

Lil crunchies Puffs


Fruit snacks

Dried fruit: strawberries, blueberries, apples

DIY Lunchable : meat, cheese, crackers

Squeeze pouches were lifesavers.

This is what worked for us! But we have more flights coming up! What works for you?!

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