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A man's man nursery for Monty

A man's man nursery for Monty

I wanted Monty's room to be a light, playful but not cluttery. The Pal is a no nonsense man so with his help I avoided buying excess that would just clutter the small room. Dane always has a practical solution to everything. Changing pad? Just change him on the floor. 15 wash cloths? Just use five and wash those. Diaper Pail, gross, just no. This was easy for both of us to decide, they always seem to stink, right?

Here is the completed room. We absolutely love how it turned out.

IMG_1967 2014-03-16 17.57.06IMG_1472  IMG_1450 2014-03-16 17.55.07

Dresser- Fantastic Mr. Finds

Chair- Yard Sale (10$ WOOT!)

Book Shelves- Ikea

Map- Fantastic Mr. Finds

Curtains- Ikea (I sewed on the ball fringe because boys have balls. I mean... they like toy balls.)

Pillow and Fabric- Ikea

Lamp- Target

Stacking Toy- Melissa and Doug (Gift from Grandma L)

Sling Shot- The Original Tree Swing

Cart- Ikea (This is seriously the greatest thing. We cart it all around the house)

Crib- Walmart (We love that this crib has storage underneath.)

Crib Sheets- Target

Quilt- Monty's Grandma E made this one!

Monty's First Birthday - Badger Bash

Monty's First Birthday - Badger Bash

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